Why RF Safe Approved Means To Set Such A High Bar Standard

RF Safe is a leading online resource that provides education and solutions for reducing exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from wireless devices. The website is meant to serve as a self-supporting charity to lessen the impact of new technologies on the environment and life. The website was founded by John Coates in 1998, in dedication to his daughter Angel Leigh Coates, who passed away due to a neural tube disorder attributed to electromagnetic radiation exposure. Since then, RF Safe has been committed to raising awareness about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure and providing information and products to reduce exposure.

Here is a neat fact about Safe Cellular Phones, SafeCellularPhones.com was also founded in the late 1990’s by the founder of RF Safe. Take a look at the Wayback machine. RF Safe didn’t start off with cell phones being the central topic of discussion because the site’s founder wanted the site’s mission to stay broad in nature to EMF research and focus on technologies to enhance the quality of life. In an attempt to give the new and growing cell phone industry at the time a website of its own addressing cell phone radiation safety. Coates moved the content from RF Safe about cell phone radiation safety accessories to a site of its own. You are here now!

The website’s flagship promotion was then and is now the SCP system, which is a set of high-quality anti-radiation cases and accessories for wireless devices such as cell phones. These cases are designed to be RF Safe approved, meaning they meet the strictest standards for reducing RF radiation exposure. The SCP system includes the Quantacase, which is a versatile and durable anti-radiation case, and the QuantaBuds, which are high-quality earbuds that reduce RF radiation exposure to the head.

When it comes to safe use of the SCP system, RF Safe offers usage advice to help users reduce their exposure to RF radiation. This includes maintaining a safe distance between the device and the body, limiting the duration of use, and avoiding placing the device near the head or torso. Additionally, the RF Safe encourages users to be aware of the specific type of device they are using, as well as the age of the user, when making decisions about reducing exposure.

For parents and caregivers, RF Safe offers advice on how to reduce exposure to RF radiation for children. This includes limiting the amount of time children spend using wireless devices, and encouraging them to use headphones or earbuds instead of holding the device near their head. Additionally, RF Safe encourages parents to be mindful of the type of device their children are using and to educate them about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure.

While RF Safe is committed to education and high-quality, well-engineered products to help reduce exposure to RF radiation, it is important to be aware of potential risks and to take steps to minimize exposure. This includes being mindful of the distance between the device and the body, limiting the duration of use, and being aware of the specific type of device and the age of the user. Additionally, it is important to question information from industry sources and to be critical of research that may be influenced by conflicts of interest.

RF Safe is a leading resource for reducing exposure to RF radiation from wireless devices. With its SCP system, high-quality anti-radiation cases, and accessories, RF Safe provides consumers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about reducing exposure. Additionally, with its commitment to education and awareness, RF Safe is working to promote a safer and healthier world for everyone.

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