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Our selection includes a range of high-quality products that have been designed to reduce your exposure to phone radiation. From anti-radiation phone cases to shielded earbuds and more, we have everything you need to stay safe while using your phone.

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RF Safe Score

RF Safe Score is an algorithm that ranks cellular phones based on their official FCC Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) test results. It is intended to help consumers make more informed decisions about their phone use and reduce potential health risks associated with RF energy absorption.

The RF Safe Score was developed to help users gauge a phone’s worthiness from a quality-of-life perspective and predict the likelihood of physical harm from cellular phone use. A higher RF Safe Score generally indicates a lower risk, while a lower RF Safe Score indicates a higher risk.

By using the RF Safe Score, cellular phone users can quickly assess the potential impacts on their quality of life and determine a safe distance from their phone, such as opting to use the speakerphone or anti-radiation safety accessories, particularly in weak signal areas.


Phone Anti-Radiation Case

Conductive shielding fabric is a type of material that is specially designed to deflect electromagnetic radiation, such as the radiation that is emitted by cell phones. It works by creating a barrier around the cell phone that absorbs or reflects the radiation, rather than allowing it to pass through.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified radiofrequency (RF) fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans, or Group 2B, based on limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans 

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Our selection includes a range of products that have been designed to deflect radiation away from your body and reduce your exposure to harmful emissions.