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A Dozen Ways To Make Cell Phone Usage Safer For Children

Teaching children safe smartphone usage practices is essential in today’s technology-focused world. By following the tips outlined in this blog, parents can help reduce their children’s exposure to RF radiation and protect their health. It’s important to remember that exposure to RF radiation is a cumulative effect, so it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions from a young age to minimize potential health risks in the future.

A Dozen Tips for safe cell phone usage:

  1. Encourage Limited Smartphone Use One of the best ways to reduce children’s exposure to RF radiation is to encourage them to limit their smartphone use. Children should only use their smartphones when they need to, and not as a constant companion.
  2. Use a Speakerphone or Headset When children need to use their smartphones, encourage them to use a speakerphone or headset to keep the phone away from their head and body. Air tube headsets, in particular, are a great option as they reduce exposure to RF radiation.
  3. Text Instead of Call Texting is a safer alternative to calling as it reduces exposure to RF radiation. Encourage children to text instead of call whenever possible.
  4. Keep the Phone Away from the Body When not in use, children should keep their smartphones away from their bodies, such as in a backpack or on a desk. They should also avoid carrying their phones in their pockets.
  5. Use a Radiation-Blocking Phone Case Using a radiation-blocking phone case can help reduce children’s exposure to RF radiation. Look for cases that are RF Safe Approved to ensure they meet high safety standards.
  6. Turn Off the Phone at Night Encourage children to turn off their phones at night to reduce exposure to RF radiation while they sleep.
  7. Avoid Using the Phone in a Car The metal in a car’s frame can amplify RF radiation, so children should avoid using their phones while driving or riding in a car.
  8. Don’t Use the Phone When the Signal is Weak When the signal is weak, smartphones emit higher levels of RF radiation to compensate for the poor connection. Encourage children to avoid using their phones in areas with weak signal strength and instead wait until they are in a location with a strong signal.
  9. Keep the Phone at a Distance Encourage children to keep their phone at a distance from their head and body when using it. They should also avoid holding the phone directly against their bodies, such as in their laps or against their chests.
  10. Avoid Streaming for Long Periods Streaming videos or playing games on a smartphone for long periods can significantly increase exposure to RF radiation. Encourage children to limit their streaming time and take breaks throughout the day.
  11. Encourage Hands-Free Use Encourage children to use their phones hands-free, such as with a stand or tripod, to keep the phone away from their head and body.
  12. Turn on Flight Mode When children are in areas where they don’t need to use their phone, such as in class or at a movie theater, encourage them to turn on flight mode to reduce exposure to RF radiation.
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