QuantaCase: The Only Anti-Radiation Case That Won’t Mislead You About Protection or Risk!

QuantaCase is a phone case that aims to provide anti-radiation protection and RFID security. When used correctly, QuantaCase deflects potentially harmful phone radiation away from the user’s head and body without interfering with the phone’s antenna or increasing radiation emissions. The company’s anti-radiation methodologies have been developed over 25 years of research and only use technologies that deflect radiation directed towards the user’s body, which depends on proper safe usage. The phone case is designed for the front shielded part of the phone to face the closest part of the body to minimize exposure. The QuantaCase Pledge is a commitment to supporting the development of safer cell phones and standardizing radiation protection within the wireless industry and government. It is important to note that QuantaCase should not be a replacement for distance from the phone, as there is no such thing as a safe cell phone, only a safe cell phone user!

QuantaCase is here to help!

 How to use QuantaCase to help reduce radiation exposure from a phone:

  1. When using the phone at ear, close the front flip cover and use speakerphone, keeping distance if possible.
  2. Fold the cover to the back when texting.
  3. Keep front cover facing body when carrying in pocket, or carry in back pocket.
  4. Keep front cover towards user when carrying in purse. The aim is to deflect radiation away from the body and avoid blocking the antenna to reduce power output and radiation emission.

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