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How Metal Carrying Strap Loops In Cases Affect Antenna Geometry and 5G Emissions


As 5G technology continues to expand, ensuring minimal exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is of increasing importance. Antenna geometry plays a significant role in how 5G emissions interact with the human body, with linear or planar arrays affecting the spatial variability of human exposure. Metal loops and poorly designed phone cases can further impact antenna geometry, potentially increasing exposure to harmful 5G emissions. This article explores the consequences of using such accessories and offers recommendations for safer alternatives.  Electronics 202312(2), 297;

  1. Interference with Antenna Geometry

Metal loops and other components in phone cases can interfere with the antenna geometry of mobile devices. This interference can distort the radiation pattern, leading to unpredictable variations in signal strength and potentially increasing users’ exposure to EMFs. For optimal protection, phone cases should be designed without metal components that can impede the device’s signal or disrupt the intended antenna geometry.

  1. Increased Radiation Output

Metallic components within phone cases can cause mobile devices to work harder to maintain a connection to the network. This increased effort can result in higher radiation output, posing a greater risk to users. To minimize exposure, it’s essential to choose a phone case without metal components that can interfere with the device’s connection to the tower.

  1. Impacts on SAR Values

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measures the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field. The presence of metal loops and other poorly designed elements in phone cases can alter the spatial variability of incident fields, leading to varying SAR values and distributions. As a result, users may experience higher exposure to EMFs in specific areas of the body, such as the skin, fat, and eye tissues.

  1. Unpredictable Radiation Patterns

Poorly designed phone cases and metal components can create unpredictable radiation patterns, potentially concentrating absorbed radiation in specific areas of the body. This unpredictability makes it difficult for users to take precautionary measures to minimize their exposure to harmful EMFs.

Warning: Avoid Phone Cases with Metal Carrying Strap Loops and Metal Components that Interfere with Antennas

Using a phone case with metal carrying strap loops and other metal components can lead to unwanted interference with your device’s antennas. These metal parts can disrupt the antenna geometry, causing unpredictable radiation patterns and increasing exposure to EMFs. It’s crucial to select a phone case without these potentially harmful components for optimal radiation protection and device performance.

Recommendations for Safer Alternatives

To minimize exposure to harmful 5G emissions, it’s essential to choose phone cases and accessories designed with user safety in mind. Here are some recommendations for selecting a safe and effective phone case:

  1. Avoid metal components: Opt for phone cases without metal loops or other components that can interfere with antenna geometry and signal strength.
  2. Choose a case with proven radiation protection: Select a case that incorporates radiation shielding technology, such as RF Safe®, to reduce EMF exposure without compromising device performance.
  3. Prioritize minimalistic design: A thinner, non-detachable case can minimize interference with antenna geometry and signal strength, while offering a sleek, stylish appearance.


The influence of antenna geometry on human exposure to 5G emissions highlights the importance of choosing the right phone case and accessories. Metal loops and poorly designed phone cases can negatively impact antenna geometry, resulting in increased radiation output and unpredictable radiation patterns. By selecting a phone case without metal components and prioritizing minimalistic design and proven radiation protection, users can minimize their exposure to harmful EMFs while enjoying the benefits of 5G technology.

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