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Experience the All-in-One QuantaCase: Ultimate Protection for Your iPhone 14 and Lifestyle

Introducing the QuantaCase: Maximum Protection with Style and Functionality

The QuantaCase, designed for the iPhone 14, is a sleek and stylish anti-radiation case that goes beyond just protecting your phone. It ensures your security, health, and quality of life with a maxi-minimalist design that maximizes protection while maintaining a slim profile. Here are some exceptional features of the QuantaCase:

  • 5G and Millimeter Wave Shielding: The front shielded flip cover contains one solid piece of RF Safe shielding without any holes, providing shielding for 5G and millimeter wave transmissions.
  • Recommended Use: Close the front flip cover after calls, using the speakerphone whenever possible. When texting, fold the cover behind the phone to shield the back of the device. Carry the phone with the front cover facing your body to deflect the most intense line-of-sight radiation.
  • Advanced Functionality: The QuantaCase offers hands-free video watching with its video viewing stand, added security with the RFID blocking card slot, and a conductivity testing feature to verify the resistance of the high-performance RF shielding technology used in the front flip cover.

QuantaCase Features and Benefits

The QuantaCase is a multi-functional device that combines radiation protection, RFID-blocking, and magnetic side latch in one sleek and ultra-slim design. It deflects excessive electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, without interfering with the phone’s antenna or signal strength. Other features include:

  • RFID-blocking wallet: A single slot RFID-blocking wallet feature to protect personal information.
  • Magnetic latch: Provides thumb space to reduce direct contact with the phone’s side.
  • Adjustable angle stand: Doubles as an adjustable angle stand for hands-free video watching and web browsing.

RF Safe iPhone 14 QuantaCase RFS1 Black: Protection and Performance

The RF Safe iPhone 14 QuantaCase RFS1 Black is an ultra-thin anti-radiation and single-slot RFID blocking wallet case specially designed for the iPhone 14. Incorporating world-renowned RF Safe Radiation Shielding Technology, the case offers:

  • Conductivity testing: The exposed RF Safe notch allows the use of an inexpensive Ohm meter to test the conductivity of the microwave barrier between your body and device.
  • Physical protection: Shields the iPhone 14 from cracks, dings, and scratches to keep it looking and performing like new.
  • Phone viewing stand: Easily converts into a stand for video chatting and movie watching.
  • Radiation shielding: When closed, deflects radiation (5G, Wi-Fi, EMF, etc.) away from your body while allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded.

RF Safe iPhone 14 QuantaCase RFS1: Discreet Layers of RF Radiation Protection

The QuantaCase RFS1 discreetly provides layers of RF radiation protection where it’s most needed, using specially placed materials that deflect the most intense microwave radiation from smartphone devices away from you. The shielding fabric of the case is made from polyester filaments woven with a blend of micro-fine conductive threads, with the RF Safe QuantaCase RFS1 Shielding Mesh visible inside the earpiece speaker hole for testing the metal alloys used in the RF shielding.

Discover the QuantaCase Advantage: Innovative Radiation Protection for Your Smartphone

Experience the QuantaCase Difference: Optimal Radiation Protection with a Minimalist Approach

QuantaCase™ is dedicated to providing anti-radiation phone cases that promote the lowest possible output power from your device. By avoiding certain materials and design elements, our products ensure your phone’s connection to the tower remains uninterrupted. Here’s what sets QuantaCase™ apart from other radiation protection cases:

  • No metal plates: QuantaCase™ avoids using metal in areas of the phone case that could impede your device’s signal. Metal components can cause your phone to work harder to maintain a connection, leading to increased radiation output.
  • Non-detachable design: QuantaCase™ is specifically designed without magnets or other elements that can increase radiation exposure. Our non-detachable design provides both safety and convenience without compromising protection.
  • No metal carrying strap loops: By eliminating metal components that can interfere with your phone’s signal, we ensure your device operates in a predictable pattern of radiation around the phone, leveraging the inverse square law of distance to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Minimalist design: QuantaCase™ focuses on creating the thinnest case in its class, ensuring minimal interference with your device’s signal and performance.
  • RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology: Our cases feature this advanced technology, which reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the user without disrupting the phone’s connection to the tower.

Choose QuantaCase™ for True Radiation Protection

It’s essential to be cautious when selecting a radiation protection phone case. Some companies may claim to protect you from radiation while incorporating materials and design elements that ultimately result in your phone having to work harder to maintain a connection. QuantaCase™ is committed to providing genuine radiation protection by adhering to design principles that ensure your phone operates at its lowest output power.

Trust QuantaCase™ for a safe and reliable solution to reduce radiation exposure. It strictly follows the design principles set forth by RF Safe’s Founder, John Coates, an inventor with patents in the wireless industry who has dedicated over a quarter of a century to thoughtfully designing wireless technology. The recent Apple warning and studies validate QuantaCase’s RF Safe-approved design principles that stand the test of time. By adopting a minimalist design approach and prioritizing user safety, QuantaCase™ continues to provide an effective and dependable option for those looking to minimize their exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Invest in Your Health with an RF Safe Approved EMF-Blocking Phone Case

An effective EMF-blocking phone case is crucial in reducing your exposure to radiation. However, not all cases are created equal. It’s important to choose an RF Safe Approved Brand, like QuantaCase, which adheres to ethical guidelines and does not interfere with the normal operation of the phone’s antenna. Invest in your health and choose an RF Safe Approved EMF-blocking phone case today.

QuantaCase Phone Case: Enhanced Protection with Conductive Shielding Fabric

Conductive shielding fabric is a type of material specifically designed to deflect electromagnetic radiation, such as the radiation emitted by cell phones. It works by creating a barrier inside the cell phone cover’s front flap that absorbs and reflects the radiation, rather than allowing excessive radiation to pass through.

Why is this important? The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified radiofrequency (RF) fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans. By using a QuantaCase phone case, you can protect your phone while safeguarding your quality of life.


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