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Consumer Alert on Anti-Radiation EMF Blocking Phone Cases

Don’t let a company’s use of the word protection when marketing an anti-radiation case give you a false sense of security

A recent report by RF Safe has raised concerns about the safety and efficacy of certain anti-radiation phone cases, specifically the detachable Safe Sleeve Anti-Radiation EMF Blocking Cases. RF Safe claims that some anti-radiation phone cases, such as the Safe Sleeve, are potentially putting users at greater risk of exposure to harmful radiation due to design flaws.

Key Points:

  1. The Issue with Detachable Anti-Radiation Cases: RF Safe cautions against using detachable cases that block a phone’s antenna. When blocked, the phone has to work harder to send signals, leading to increased radiation emissions.
  2. Metal Components: Safe Sleeve’s design has a large metal piece in the back, which can interfere with the phone’s antenna, leading to increased radiation emissions. RF Safe views this as a violation of fundamental anti-radiation case design considerations.
  3. False Security and Advertising: Safe Sleeve claims their products are tested in FCC-certified labs. However, RF Safe indicates that only the shielding material – not the actual case with the material inside – has been tested. This misrepresentation gives consumers a false sense of security.
  4. Misuse of Trefoil Symbol: Safe Sleeve is accused of using the trefoil symbol, an international warning sign for ionizing radiation, on their products and advertising. RF Safe views this as fear-mongering and a misuse of the symbol. Cell phones emit non-ionizing radiation, which is different from the deadly ionizing radiation the symbol represents.
  5. Misleading Testing Videos: Safe Sleeve uses a tri-field meter for their testing videos but doesn’t set the meter to measure microwave radiation, the main type of radiation phones emit. Instead, they measure electric and magnetic fields, unrelated to the health effects of microwave radiation.


When considering an anti-radiation phone case, consumers should conduct thorough research to ensure they’re making informed decisions about which products genuinely offer protection against cell phone radiation.

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