QuantaCase RFS1

Are you tired of worrying about the potential health risks of cell phone radiation? Introducing RF Safe’s line of stylish and custom-fitting anti-radiation phone cases!

Our team of experts spent over 25 years researching the most effective way to deflect phone radiation away from the head and body without covering the antenna or increasing radiation emissions. The result is a line of phone cases that not only look great, but also provide superior protection from harmful radiation.

Unlike other phone radiation shielding products that may increase radiation emissions, RF Safe’s cases only use technologies that deflect radiation directed towards the user’s body. This means that our cases won’t cause your phone to increase output power and will not only block RF radiation that your body would have absorbed but also the radiation that wasn’t helping the cell tower connection or your health either.

Don’t take any chances with your health. Protect yourself and your loved ones with RF Safe’s anti-radiation phone cases. Available for the most popular smartphones on the market today!

Cell phone radiation, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), has been a growing concern among experts and consumers alike. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to EMR can lead to a host of health problems, including cancer, headaches, and sleep disturbances.

The QuantaCase is a game-changer in the world of cell phone radiation protection. It incorporates RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology, which reflects electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, away from the user. This advanced technology is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation away from the body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded, making it easy to communicate while staying protected.

One of the most unique features of the QuantaCase is its built-in RFID-blocking wallet. This feature ensures that your credit card, room key, or any RFID remote access card remains protected at all times. This added security feature will protect your personal information from potential thieves who use RFID scanners to steal your information.

The QuantaCase is also designed to be the thinnest on the market, making it ideal for people who don’t want a bulky case but still want the best protection for their phone. Its sleek and slim design makes it easy to carry around and will not add any unnecessary bulk to your pocket or purse.

Another unique feature of the QuantaCase is the side magnetic latch that closes it provides a magnetic thumb guard to reduce direct contact with the side of the phone. This not only provides added protection for the user, but it also reduces the chances of dropping the phone.

In addition, the QuantaCase also doubles as an adjustable angle stand, allowing you to easily convert it into a stand for watching videos and browsing the web, without the need for any additional equipment. It also has a RF Safe® notch where an inexpensive Ohm meter can be used to test the conductivity of the microwave barrier between your body and device, so you know how well it protects you.

In conclusion, the QuantaCase is the best cell phone radiation protection of all time. It offers advanced radiation-deflecting technology, RFID-blocking wallet, and a magnetic thumb guard all in one sleek and slim design. This is a must-have for anyone who values their health and wants to protect themselves from the potential hazards of smartphone radiation.

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